Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t EAR have reviews on its website?

Reviews don’t have much credibility with us because we feel they are too susceptible to abuse. We do not believe in misleading the public with undeserved good or bad reviews. Below are a few reasons why we feel a review system can be unfair:
1. A business owner or friends or relatives can write raving reviews about a business.
2. A competitor, disgruntled former employee, or difficult customer could write an unreasonable or bad review.
3. It’s possible to pay someone to write good or bad reviews.
4. It puts a business in a vulnerable position. There have been reports of repair shops and other small businesses being exploited with exorbitant advertising fees by big review and rating websites – or else they receive a bad rating or reviews. We don’t do business that way.

What does EAR do instead of reviews?

We make a sincere attempt to equitable qualify shops that are in our directory. Every shop on our site has the same rating – either it’s a good shop or it’s not in our directory- so there are no conflicts of interest such as paying more to get a better rating. The fact that a shop has a listing here automatically says they are a high-quality business. We trust our resolution process, with its ongoing checks and balances, to ensure that only reputable businesses remain in our directory. We have an open-door policy for customer complaints, promptly read all messages and follow up (usually within 24 hours) with both the shops management and the customer to see if the issue can be resolved in a cordial way. If necessary, we will contact unbiased 3rd party experts to get their opinion about a dispute. If there is a pattern of bad customer service from a particular shop, they will be notified and hopefully they will correct the situation. If it continues our system will deal with the issue appropriately, including deleting them from our directory if necessary. The fee for a business to be accredited by us is very small, so we are not monetarily influenced to keep a shop in our directory if it has bad service. .

How are complaints handled?

If you have a complaint please fill out the contact form on the EAR website and submit it to us. Provide as much detail as you can about the problem. If we think you have a legitimate complaint we will do our best to help you. Sometimes shop management isn’t even aware of a problem so we will contact them on your behalf.