Ear for Shop Owners

Attention Shop Owners! As a member of the Ethical Auto Repair Association we will help you with:

  • Promoting your shop – we can make your phones ring! Your shop’s name, physical address, map, and phone number will be listed in our directory as a high quality auto repair shop in your community. You can also have an optional link to your website. We will place any coupons you wish to promote next to your shop information in a large full-column ad. We drive traffic directly to our website and therefore indirectly to yours through a variety of ways.
  • After hours appointment scheduling – with today’s busy lifestyles many customers are too busy during shop business hours to schedule an appointment. Customers are relieved to discover they can contact EAR 24/7 and leave their contact information with us. We will pass their information on to you so you or your staff can contact them.
  • Support – consumers and shop staff can use our 24/7 live chat-box to reach out to us if needed.
  • Customer service – we field both compliments and complaints from your customers. Either way we pass the information on to you. We also help you deal with any customer relation problems if we can.
  • Credibility and recognition – We will provide you with an “Ethical Auto Repair Association” certificate that you can proudly display in your shop to tell customers your shop subscribes to a code of ethics.

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