About Us

The Ethical Auto Repair Association was founded by Barry Ripley, a life-long entrepreneur and business owner who among other pursuits owned an automotive repair shop for ten years and a manufacturing company. Over the years he became fed up with large review and rating companies that charge exorbitant fees in exchange for good reviews or ratings. He felt there had to be a better way to protect consumers from unscrupulous businesses but without ripping-off honest businesses trying to survive in a difficult economy. Hence, the Ethical Auto Repair Association was born. At Ethical Auto Repair all shops pay the same low price so there is no paying more to get a higher rating or better reviews. Also because the fee for a shop to be listed with us is so small we have no incentive to keep a shop in our directory that doesn’t deserve to be in it. Whether you’re a consumer looking for a great shop in your community or a shop that wants consumers to know that you subscribe to high standards of ethics we think you’ll be happy to use the Ethical Auto Repair Association.